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Skill, Innovation, Engineering, and Lean Management



Every manufacturing process in our factories, from product engineering to its delivery, is handled with efficiency and the utmost care to satisfy our buyers' requirements. The various departments in the organization are linked by an ERP system run on the SAP platform, to ensure a seamless flow of material and information, and to enable real time order tracking.

There is a constant endeavor to improve by applying innovative techniques to drive up the efficiency both in the manufacturing and management process.


Factory of the Future


Pinnacle’s new Outerwear manufacturing unit covers a built area of almost 70,000 square feet and is equipped with all the latest equipment for manufacturing fully constructed jackets with ability to handle operations such as:

  • Bonding/Ultrasonic Welding
  • Down Filling
  • Seam Sealing
  • Quilting

To ensure efficiency and real-time decision-making RFID technology is extensively used to accurately monitor and collect data across the entire unit. Our proprietary software then does the analysis to guide the production staff in focusing on critical issues and to continuously track performance at each machine in the unit. The unit also has a fully equipped Testing Lab to ensure a tight control on all the performance parameters.

This factory of the future is not only equipped with the latest equipment to make complex garments, but is also geared to gather and analyze detailed real-time data from each machine in the factory to ensure it operates at the highest level of efficiency.


Special Machines

The factory possesses a wide range of specialized equipment for operations such as:

• Automatic Longarm Quilting

•  Waterproof Testing

• Waterproof Testing

• Smocking

• Laser Cutting

•  Transmatic Press

• Transmatic Press

• Single Needle Differential Feed

• Automatic Down Filling

• Faggoting

• Veit Kannegiesser Machine

• Veit Kannegiesser Machine

• Seam Sealing

• Saddle Stitch

• Programmable Sewing Machine

• Programmable Sewing Machine


Skill and Engineering

In addition, a qualified team continuously works on innovation and engineering solutions to improve the final product.
Two such innovative techniques, among many developed by PT. Pinnacle Apparels technicians are demonstrated in the short video clips below:


Double Pressure Foot for Making Petals

Gathering & Attaching Frill in Single Operation


The Shop Floor